Will work Hard For You

Thanks for all the support and help from all.. We won the general election and I wish to thank everyone for their support and vote.

 I  will now work to serve the city of Brooklyn Park city council. With honor and commitment, I will listen to your issues with support to the people.  I want to represent the community as a whole and not just for select groups, organizations or people. I feel we have a great community we live in, and I will work hard to address city challenges.


With limited land left for development I would like to see the remaining land developed for the best all around growth for bringing employment, retail trade, restaurants, manufacturing, and health services to Brooklyn Park. These developments will share tax revenue to our community  


I have recently joined in with a Task Force on aging. This committee was suggested to the city council by The Citizen Long-range improvement Committee last March, to develop recommendations to address our aging demographics within the city. Please share ideas to Terry on his contact page.


Candidate Terry Parks

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Brooklyn Park City council East District


Terry Parks

"Bring Honor and Commitment to City Hall"